So I’ve been doing a lot of reading as research for book 4 in The Descendants. I’m currently reading a book from 1882 called Atlantis and the Antediluvian World by a US congressman named Ignatius Donnelly. It’s fascinating.

As it turns out, the ‘myth’ of Atlantis is yet another flood story, almost identical to the one found in the Bible. Poseidon comes down to Earth and impregnates a human woman, giving birth to a race of half-gods, much like the half-angels in the book of Genesis. They gradually forget their divine origins and become essentially sinful, so Zeus decides to punish them with a flood that kills almost everyone and sinks the continent.

A really interesting fact is that all the cultures that share this story name the man who is preserved something very similar to Noah; they all tell of releasing birds to tell whether the water level has gone down; they all speak of a boat that lands up high on a mountain peak; they all share linguistic roots; they all share plant and animal species; and yet they are today on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean – a name in itself a remnant of the Greek story.

This includes Central and North America. The Toltecs, for instance, have the same story and claimed their ancestors came from ‘the East’ and were called sometimes the Atlan and sometimes the Aztlan. The later Aztec race took their name from that root.

It seems to me there must be some seed of truth in all this. I find it extraordinary. Furthermore, Atlantis was not one island; it was a vast empire. From the tales, its collapse led to its people spreading East and West and evolving separately, which in turn led to a confusion of languages – the tower of Babel much?

These cultures all also name their ultimate origins as hailing from the stars – in particular, Sirius. Watch it all find its way into book 4 of The Descendants 🙂

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