So it’s been a while, simply because life got busy (busier?). I just wanted to give an update on what’s happening on the writing front.

The first 50% of The Descendants book 5 has been drafted. I hit a wall and realised I needed to think through the next section a bit more before I could write it. This has led me to read an array of ancient battle strategy books, with The Iliad next on my list, for research purposes. The second half of book 5 is epic, in my head, and I need to get that across on paper somehow.

I’m looking forward to The Iliad. I don’t like not finishing a book, and that’s one I had to read in high school and didn’t complete. I was 14 and they barely taught it. And they expected us to write essays about it, on strangely inappropriate themes such as feminism, as if it’s a novel – when it seemed obvious to me that it was at least in part a true historical account. I seem to recall it even being full of pages of genealogies. That’s not the sort of thing you read for fun in high school. So this feels a bit like closing the circle opened up 17 years ago. At last.

Tonight, I read The Art of War by Sun Tzu. People had a very different attitude to war 2400 years ago. It was more respectful and honourable. And far more clever. I highlighted the heck out of that book. In an odd way, it was sort of inspiring. And I’m a pacifist.

The result is that things are slowly solidifying more in my mind. Now I just need to wait for that little voice in my head to say, ‘You have to write it – now now now!’ Maybe in a couple months.

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