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The sequel to ‘Mythos’ has just been published on Amazon Kindle and listed on GoodReads!

Check Amazon any time this weekend and you can get your copy FREE.  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still download the book and convert it for your e-reader using free software like Calibre.

Between kisses, Aidan kept asking her questions:
Where do I come from?
Who was my father?
Who made me?
Why am I here?

The Ancients are coming for them. In fact, they’ve already landed on Earth and now they’re searching for the boy who will lead them to the Wisdom.

Some say the Wisdom is ultimate knowledge of the Creator; others say it’s just a myth. But the golden giant Quetzal knows better. The Wisdom was lost thousands of years ago, and only its recovery will stop the Ancients from dying.

Meanwhile, Aidan is desperate to discover the identity of his birth parents…and the real reason why he was led away from home in pursuit of the black pulse of his dreams. Can Itzy protect him from the truth that threatens to divide them?

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