Something I often find interesting to consider is: 5,000 years from now, when we’re the ancients, what will Earth’s future archaeologists and anthropologists make us our society, values and beliefs? When they find our ruins, what will they think they mean?

So today I’m asking: imagine you saw the image below and you had no frame of reference for it. What might you think it represented? And do you think perhaps some of the ancient images we’ve found and decided are, say, fertility symbols could in fact be something very basic and practical?

I look forward to some creative answers from you!


Directions for some holy ritual, perhaps?

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  1. Willy Stevenson says:

    On a basic level, I might guess it’s a hammock. If were to get very esoteric, I’d say this is some kind of chalice, symbolic of the womb, with a person in it. It’s a symbol of birth, because it’s someone coming out of the womb, and it doesn’t have to be womb in the literal sense; it could have been used as a symbol by the ancient people for times of change or rebirth or awakening to a deeper understanding or a more enlightened level of consciousness.

    • beth muse says:

      Duh! Obviously, this is an alien space craft. See the blinking, red alert above the astronaut? And the astronaut is punching light speed with his right foot. Or somebody painted over the circle with a line through it and it’s telling us not to put our grimy feet on the seat opposite. But I’m going with the first one.

  2. David says:

    I think you have it posted sideways, it is a stylized text of the ancient English letters ELZ and O. The E is the largest shape and contains the L and Z within it. The O is obviosly last, so it could have been either Ezlo or Elzo. Elzo most likely controlled the area in which it was found, and used it as a marker. The red color perhaps signified blood, a mortal warning to those who would enter this realm without permission.

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