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As an independent writer, I understand the importance of making sure your book is perfect. Yet I have read many self-published books with strong story lines and engaging characters, lost in typos and grammatical errors. Sadly, but understandably, these books suffer from poor reviews purely based on the editing.

That’s why in addition to my own writing, I offer professional freelance editing and proofreading services to other writers of both fiction and non-fiction.  I edit in English, but have also been asked to clean up work translated into English from other languages; and as I originally grew up in the United States, but now live in the United Kingdom, I am familiar with the grammar and punctuation quirks of both countries, and hold a qualification with the Publishing Training Centre.

With 10 years’ experience as a personal tutor in English and Creative Writing, I also offer writing coaching for independent authors looking to polish their rough drafts into something they can be proud of – and I work with my mother, experienced online marketer Lynn Serafinn, to help entrepreneurs use blogging as a vital self-promotion tool.

My intention with any manuscript is to understand the writer’s objectives with their book and get a good feel for their ‘voice’. I then recommend edits that will draw that out most and enhance the book.  I’m a big believer that it’s not my writing – it’s yours.  That means it should sound like it’s written by you, not me – but in the best way possible.

For full editing services, I typically expect to work through at least two drafts of a manuscript – one for copy editing (including minor rewrites and restructuring) and one for proofing. If I feel more extensive revisions are required, I will contact you immediately to discuss this and any other potential costs, prior to undertaking the work.

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My Rates

These rates are in line with the minimums recommended by the UK Society of Editors & Proofreaders. Typically, I will work through around 2,000 to 3,000 words per hour. However, this is not absolute, and will vary dependent upon the extent of work required.

 Copy-Editing:  £30 per hour
 Proofreading:  £20 per hour
 Blog Articles (Multiple Drafts):  £30 per article

NON-UK CLIENTS: All rates are listed in UK Sterling, and will be converted accordingly into your local currency.



‘Vrinda edited and proofread two of my books, both of which became bestsellers on Amazon. I have also referred many of my author clients to her, and she has consistently brought their books to a highly professional standard, resulting in good sales numbers and excellent reader reviews. Her editing skills are both elegant and ruthless. She eliminates all the “fluff” and filler, resulting in a text that is clearer and more impactful – and she tells it like it is. If a paragraph is unclear, a chapter needs to be rewritten (or deleted!) or the structure of your book isn’t working, Vrinda will tell you. She won’t stop until your book has complete integrity and becomes the work of art you always wanted to write.’

Lynn Serafinn, Author of The
7 Graces of Marketing
 and Tweep-e-licious!

Founder of the 7 Graces Project: http://the7gracesofmarketing.com


‘Vrinda did a phenomenal job. I can be wordy at times and Vrinda tightened up my writing so it was clearer and more precise.  She takes pride in her work and gets very involved with her clients’ projects.  She is very timely; you don’t have to worry that she won’t meet your deadlines.  And me being an American and she being in the UK made no difference, as she understands the rules of American English as well as she does British English. I would highly recommend Vrinda to anyone with editing needs. She is a star in my eyes.’

Erica Tucci, Author of Radiant Survivor



‘I’m very pleased with the way Vrinda and I worked together on both the edit and proofreading of my book 21 Layers of the Soul: Healing the Karmic Ties with Friends, Lovers, Family and Enemies.  She gave me back my voice; she perfectly understood what I had said in Dutch and helped me translate that into my kind of English.  If I had had the vocabulary in English, I would have said it myself.  Her substantial feedback helped me improve my already published work in English.  Apart from knowing she delivered an excellent content and delivered it well before the agreed deadline agreed, her sometimes personal comments along the side made working with her fun because she really got me.  I’m looking forward to working with her when publishing my next book in English.’

Annemiek Douw MSc, Medium, Healer, Author and Management Coach


‘What I valued about Vrinda was not just that her proofing was scrupulous, but that she also attended to the sense of the content, suggesting constructive alternatives where relevant, both major and minor.  My manuscript was lifted to a new dimension!’

Helena Mahatey, Author of Velocity Ascension

When Will This Pain Ever End? by Paula Shaw About Vrinda’s blog editing:

‘Words like stellar and excellence come to mind.  Vrinda is an amazing editor.  Not only does she have an “Eagle Eye,” but she has an amazing grasp of the English language and the ability to put words and ideas together in a way that is clean, crisp and concise, while retaining the heart of what you are trying to convey.  Deadlines were always met and she was a delight to interact with.  She is my number-one choice for editing any future projects of mine!  I recommend her to everyone.’

Paula Shaw, Author of When Will This Pain Ever End?  (Note: Vrinda did not edit Paula’s book)

The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand

‘It was a blessing for me to get to know Vrinda and have my book edited by her. As a professional Italian editor myself, I know how challenging this work can be, especially when it comes to getting a feel for what the writer is trying to say and not betraying the author’s objectives. On several occasions, Vrinda took an active interest in establishing what I was trying to say, and in these instances she followed up with a number of e-mails to make sure the final English version reflected my thoughts. Vrinda did not simply edit my book, but also made some very wise suggestions aimed at organising the text. These changes will have an impact on the Italian edition, too.’

Giulia Jeary Knap, Author of The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand

All the Fields Above by P. L. Yizzi - Edited by Vrinda Pendred

‘It is so easy for a writer to get lost in their own words sometimes, and Vrinda has this magnificent talent of honing in, almost intuitively, and cutting a clear path. Her unerring focus, vast knowledge, and commitment to preserving the integrity of the writer’s voice are only part of what makes her a phenomenal editor. There are a lot of editors out there who will take your money and either shred you, confuse you, or just tell you what you want to hear, and your story is no further along. The honest feedback and caring insight Vrinda offers is vital to the crafting of a polished work, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. I highly recommend Vrinda’s services to my friends and to any author who wants to make their work shine.’

P.L. Yizzi, Author of All the Fields Above

 Transforming Venus by Paula Weisflock

‘Working with Vrinda was a breath of fresh air.  At several points in my almost five-year journey in completing my book, Vrinda worked her magic on tightening up my language and fixing my grammar misuse.  She served as both a line editor and a copy editor on the two occasions I worked with her on this project. She was always encouraging and prompt in her work, and I highly recommend her services as an editor.’

Paula Weisflock, Author of Transforming Venus: How to Get Unstuck and Let Your Inner Goddess Out to Play

 Helen Parker

About Vrinda’s writing coaching:

‘For a new writer and speaker, Vrinda’s editing, coaching and integrity have been inestimable. When I can’t see a way forward, she sensitively shines a light on my work and re-sparks my enthusiasm. Vrinda skilfully encourages me to grow guiding me to be the best writer I can be.’

Helen Parker-Drabble, Genealogical Writer


‘I run a full-service writing firm and manage multiple book projects at any given time. Vrinda did an excellent job editing a challenging manuscript. The first few chapters were highly disorganized. They jumped from topic to topic and back again. Vrinda expertly re-shuffled the content to keep it divided and grouped together into sections of information. She deleted superfluous content and gave us a strategy to apply to future chapters. She performed miracles with the text and was able to give us useful advice to further the project and move it towards publication. She was fastidious, efficient and professional. I would use her again and would happily recommend her to any client.’

Karen Rowe, Ghostwriter, Chief Creative Officer: www.KarenRowe.com