They Who from the Heavens Came by Vrinda PendredBook 1: They Who from the Heavens Came (Amazon #1 Best-Seller)

Just before Stephen died, he left a note.  And the note read: Don’t let them get my children.

Some say the Wisdom is knowledge of the Creator.  Others claim it’s a myth.  All anyone really knows is it was lost long ago – and now the Sirians have returned to Earth to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Itzel Loveguard has written another story – and this time, it may have killed her father.  Now, she finds herself entangled with an unexpected cast of characters – her estranged half-brother Oz; his unfailingly charming friend Seth, who can draw things into existence; and the handsome grey-eyed Aidan, who seems to have stepped right out of Itzy’s dreams in pursuit of a mysterious black pulse that speaks to him in the night.

With these new friends, Itzy is flung on an emotional journey, as they unravel the mystery of why her father took his life.  But what will they do when they learn the explosive truth of who Itzy really is?

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What Others Are Saying

‘The characters are deep, the descriptions are stunning, and (best of all) the plot is genuinely intriguing.’

‘This is a sweet, multi-layered meaning novel with many themes: family, friendship, romance, the teenage years, domestic violence, family break up, death, destiny, prophecy, self-discovery, the meaning of life and of course, supernatural power! – and the list goes on. This is a startling début to a series that promises to only get better!’

‘The originality is astounding. The author has taken the legends of Atlantis, Alien lore, and Greek mythology and wrapped them into an entertaining Mythology of her own. It’s not often I see such originality that really grabs me anymore.’

‘I can honestly say this is such a departure from the YA literature that’s available at the moment. It touches on relationships, spirituality and mythology in such an interesting way that by the end of it you find yourself impatient for the next instalment.’

‘I’m not a huge fan of paranormal plots but this blew me away and I definitely can’t wait for the second book in its series. Her descriptions and way of setting the scene makes you feel like you are right there among the characters.’

‘I love this author’s voice. She approaches tired topics and descriptions from such fresh angles.’

‘Wow! What an amazing story. It’s so difficult to find Indie authors with unique ideas or at least a nice spin to an idea that is so well known.  Why is there no date for the second book? I want it!’

‘This book and series is filled with mysteries and questions that leave you chomping at the bit for more. So much greatness in so little time leaves me with only one question left to ask: “How much longer must we wait in agony until the second book comes out?”‘

‘This is a fascinating, well-written and exciting book.  The author’s imagination regarding mythology is astonishing [and] the love shared by Itzy and Aidan is touching.’

‘I thought I knew where it was going, but that ending just blew my mind.’

‘Speechless. That is all I felt at the end of this book..’

‘You should have the complete series before you read it because it was a total cliffhanger!  I really need the [next] book right now!’

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The Wisdom by Vrinda Pendred

Book 2: The Wisdom

What I’ll never understand,’ said Itzy, ‘is why my father would kill himself if he was worried that Oz and I might be hurt.’

The splitting does strange things to people,’ Aidan told her.  He sounded like he did not believe this explanation, himself.

Ever since that day he found his daughter hiding in her wardrobe, Stephen Loveguard has been slowly losing his mind.  Convinced that someone has implanted false memories in his head, he’s desperate to find the Wisdom and cure the genetic disorder that threatens to destroy him.

But the truth will not be what he expects.  It’s no longer just about him: around 2012, children all over the world started to develop inexplicable powers – including his son, Oz, and a boy who has travelled to London to follow his dreams…literally.

And while the teenagers might think it’s cool, suddenly becoming super heroes, there are others who are not so impressed….

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What Others Are Saying

‘As usual, Vrinda has excelled at grabbing the readers’ attention with her imaginative story lines, unusual plot twists and interesting characters.’

‘When I came to the last few lines of the book, I had goosebumps on my arms.  I was so excited for the next instalment and so shocked by the direction the story had taken.’

‘Her characters are created so vividly and realistically that the reader becomes a third person to their friendships and relationships.’

‘I was so intrigued throughout the whole book.  I definitely didn’t expect the ending to happen the way it did and it makes me more anxious to get book 4.’

‘I loved it.  There are new characters.  We learn so much about Stephen and what he discovered. Aidan and Melody’s relationship is in here and we find out how they got together.  We’re given a chance to learn about everyone else.’

‘It makes you impatient for book 4.  Not only is the cliffhanger still there from book 2 but this one has left me with questions as well.’

‘The ending! Trust me, you will NOT see this coming.’

‘The ending is just incredible, and such a surprise.’

All quotes are taken from reviews on Amazon and Good Reads


Ascendance by Vrinda Pendred

Book 3: Ascendance

The ground quaked.  Skeletons dropped into the tarmac mouth that yawned wide for them and the humans had run, screaming. 

But Horace just stood watching the sky.

10,000 years after the Great Deluge that inspired flood myths around the world, Earth is about to be drowned again.  And this time, it won’t just be Atlantis that’s lost.

The Descendants and their friends must band together if they ever want to survive.  But that isn’t easy when they’re torn apart by the truth of their origins and can no longer be certain what’s real.

Meanwhile, Itzy is about to learn it isn’t easy to become a goddess overnight – especially when the universe you created is in danger of being exterminated….

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What Others Are Saying


‘A sci-fi story that is beyond words and beyond worlds.  I cannot get enough of this series…it would make a great movie!’

‘Each book in the series is better than the last.’

‘This is definitely a page-turner, and…shows you what true friendship is and feels like!’

‘So much action, I was on the edge of my seat.’

‘Wow! Just wow! This book had me sitting on the edge of my seat almost from the moment I started reading it.’

‘I feel like I know [all the characters] personally and I’ve been taken on this adventure with them.’

‘Yes, it’s YA fiction, but there are so many levels to it, and they get deeper as the series progresses.’

‘This is a unique story with extraordinary detail. The characters are remarkable and I could feel their pain and their terror. This is a sensational original storyline that is emotionally gut-wrenching.’

‘The story is so unpredictable that I can’t even guess where or how it’s going to end.’

All quotes are taken from reviews on Amazon and Good Reads


Tattva by Vrinda Pendred

Book 4: Tattva

For centuries, the population wondered if there was intelligent life on other worlds, or if they were the only ones. 

They got their answer when the Lyrans attacked.

Thousands of years ago, two alien races waged the greatest war the Earth had ever seen.  Now, the Lyrans have returned for their revenge.

In the aftermath of a flood that has wiped out most of the population, Itzy and her friends are about to face their toughest battle yet – and discover the dead don’t always stay dead.

Will anyone survive?  Find out in the epic finale to The Wisdom.

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What Others Are Saying


‘…truly worth the wait.  Such a creative and intricately woven story.  Such a wonderful message at the end.’

‘Ms. Pendred is one of those rare authors who is intelligent, entertaining, humorous, emotive AND a great storyteller.’

‘A beautiful, unpredictable conclusion to a brilliant and unique series.’

‘Many of us can relate when I say that the last book can ruin the whole series if done incorrectly.  Vrinda did an amazing job at tying up all her loose ends and ending the book with just the right amount of flare [and] suspense…’

‘I loved the twist near the end….  But more than anything, I loved how I FELT at the end of the book, when all the threads of this intricate 5-book tapestry came together….’

‘The action scenes…were so visual I felt like I was seeing them on a screen.’

‘Aliens, time travel, space travel, multi-dimensions, ancient civilisations, quantum physics, philosophy, love, war, global devastation, resurrection, super powers, magic…it’s hard to believe an author could pack all that into a mere 346 pages, but Ms. Pendred does this – AND with finesse.’

‘I would definitely recommend to fantasy-loving friends who want to have their mind messed with (a bit).’

All quotes are taken from reviews on Amazon and Good Reads